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Dear Zoo Supporters, Members, and Volunteers,

We, at the Santa Ana Zoo, have something exciting to HOWL ABOUT and we want you, our loyal friends and supporters, to know all about it! No, it's not a new exhibit for coyotes or wolves but something that can be heard up to 3 miles away when howling. Give up? You can find them right here at the Santa Ana Zoo -- 2 black howler monkeys -- one of the largest South American monkeys living in the rainforests! Right now, you can see our beautiful pair right here at the Amazon's Edge Habitat -- but changes are coming...

Due to your generous giving, the final funds have been secured to convert Amazon's Edge for giant river otters. As a matter of fact, the final construction documents are half-way completed. Soon, the requests for construction bids will be released.

Now we are HOWLING for your generosity once again to lead us through the completion of the next step of the Zoo Master Plan: Primate Trails & Forest. This conceptual design process is already underway and will provide new naturalistic exhibits, meeting contemporary zoo standards. Being considered are possible habitat upgrades for the smaller tamarins and marmosets, to the larger capuchins, and of course, the howler monkeys.

Primate Trails will be built adjacent to the Giant River Otter habitat. It will complement the existing Colors of the Amazon Aviary and the new Ocelot habitat. Now that is something to "HOWL ABOUT."

I know we can count on you to help the Friends of Santa Ana Zoo (FOSAZ) in its quest to continue the transformation of the Santa Ana Zoo into one of the premier small zoos in the country. We are already known for our collection of monkeys and work in the conservation of primate species. That's something to HOWL about too!

Whatever you give, know it will all be contributed to the development of Primate Trails & Forest. Thanks for your generosity and please come visit the Zoo soon!

Thank You and Happy Holidays,

Joyce Glazier, Advisory Board Member

P.S. It is also a charitable tax write-off before the end of the year!


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