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Santa Ana Zoo Endowment Fund

A Bright Future is built on a Strong Foundation.

The Santa Ana Zoo has long relied on the generous support of friends in the community to help preserve and continue the Zoo as a family institution for coming generations of children and adults as part of its Foundation. From support for specific projects such as new animal exhibits, to research and animal care, the Zoo succeeds on the generous nature of our community.

To build on this Foundation of generosity, the Board of the Friends of Santa Ana Zoo has decided to launch an Endowment Program to help ensure a healthy, long-term financial future for the Zoo. Endowments are permanent funds that are invested to yield a steady, reliable source of income. They generate earnings on their balance, which can be used to provide the general operating funds necessary every year, as well as for specific areas and projects at the Zoo. At the same time, a portion of the earnings is returned to the Endowment principal to ensure that it will continue to grow and in this way continue to meet the needs of the Zoo in perpetuity.

Meeting the Challenge

To meet the challenging needs of a growing Zoo, the Board of the Friends of Santa Ana Zoo has issued a matching campaign. For every dollar contributed the Endowment this year until December 31, 2014, FOSAZ will make a dollar for dollar matching contribution up to $40,000.

Growing Our Endowment

A healthy Endowment ensures our financial well-being in the future. It creates a permanent, reliable source of income that allows us to withstand economic downturns and to hedge against inflation. We understand the importance of a strong Endowment for the long-term future of a successful, growing Zoo and our Zoo is a living organism needing nourishment that the Endowment helps supply. Many individuals, families, businesses, and foundations have already made their commitments. 100% of the FOSAZ board has personally made contributions to the Endowment. Isn’t it time you considered making an Endowment donation today? We’d love to receive your donation in 2014 to ensure our “Money Match” campaign reaches its full potential, but your contributions are appreciated any time of year.

For more information on how to support the Endowment and the tax advantages, please call Curtis Farrell at (949) 395-7935.

Make a Donation to the Santa Ana Zoo Endowment Fund

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