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Other Ways to Support Your Zoo

You can provide a lifetime income for yourself and your loved ones and make a major difference in the Zoo's conservation and educational efforts by joining the Zoo Heritage Society.

This program offers a wide range of planning options to suit your individual needs while supporting educational programming for children, wildlife conservation, and the protection and propagation of rare and endangered species from home and around the world.

Strengthen your own retirement plans while providing methods of helping the Santa Ana Zoo for years to come.

Visit the Page | View the Brochure.

For further information about the Zoo Heritage Society, please contact Curtis Farrell at (949) 395-7935.

Join iGive.com and have up to 30% of your online shopping go to the Friends of Santa Ana Zoo.

Here's how to join:
  1. Go to iGive.com and join for FREE! Choose "Friends of Santa Ana Zoo" when asked to find a cause to support.
  2. Shop online at any of the 330+ stores in the Mall at iGive.com. You'll see all your favorites, including Amazon.com, CDNow.com, Barnes & Noble, and JCPenney!
  3. FOSAZ receives a check for up to 30% of each purchase!
It's free, it's easy, and every purchase you make generates a donation to the Friends of Santa Ana Zoo.

Use GoodSearch for your online searches, and GoodSearch will donate to Friends of Santa Ana Zoo.

Here's how it works:
  1. Go to GoodSearch.com, enter "Santa Ana Zoo" where it says "Enter your charity here..." and click "Verify."
  2. Then use GoodSearch's search field to search the web as you normally would.
  3. For every search, GoodSearch will donate money to FOSAZ.
Every search generates a donation to the Friends of Santa Ana Zoo.

When you shop through Amazon, by using the link below and entering "Friends of Santa Ana Zoo" as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate portion of your purchase to FOSAZ.

You use your current Amazon account to sign in and the rest of your transaction will look exactly like your typical Amazon transactions.

Smile is part of Amazon.com and the link below allows you access to their charitable giving portal.

Here is a direct link for more information: https://smile.amazon.com/.

The Friends of Santa Ana Zoo is now linked with Ralphs and Food4Less Club Cards. You can contribute to the Zoo every time your card is swiped at Ralph's or Food 4 Less.

How to activate:
  1. Go to www.ralphs.com, and there is a button in the upper right corner to Sign In or Create an Account. If you don't have an Account, then you will need to set one up. It's not too hard, but you will need to know your Ralphs Rewards number from your card. Your club card number is on the back of your card. If you do not have your card, call 1-800-660-9003 to get your number.
  2. After you set up your new Account, they will then send you an email...you follow that link back to the website and your Account should be good to go.
  3. Then, back at the Ralphs home page, once you are signed in, click on My Account (button at the upper right corner) and select Account Settings. On that page, in the lower right, there is a setting for Community Rewards. Click on EDIT there and it will take you to a new page where you need to type in your name and address.
  4. Once you've done that, you can select the organization you want to support. In the box provided, type "Friends of Santa Ana Zoo" and find. It should come up with us and our address with a circular check button to select. Click on that and SAVE and you will be all set.
That's it! Now you can start helping the Zoo every time you shop!

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